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NLP lab seminar

The laboratory seminar is primarily meant to present the activities of the active laboratory members: what they are doing, what results they have, what problems they have, which subtasks they are not able to solve and would like to have a collaboration of someone else, etc. Occasionally, and rather rarely, presentations by related department members can also be expected.

The seminar is now held on Tuesdays at 10:00 in B203 (Spring 2023) and is open to anyone interested in the subject (does not have to be active in the lab). It can also be taken as a course PV173 NLP Lab Seminar and earn three credits for active participation, including presentation of your results (achieved in NLP Center projects or on a relevant issue). The seminar is given in English. Presentations can be in English, Czech or Slovak.

Selected presentations are also presented online at authenticated ZOOM. Please upload any attachments to the online presentation by following the instructions. Uploaded videos are available on the video page.

Presentations wanted:

  • ? Egon Stemle, Ondřej Herman, Tereza Vrabcová

Presentations offered:

Seminar programme in the spring semester 2023

date programme


seminar programme for this semester


Pavel Rychlý: Data Processing


Mauro Le Donne: Tokenisation of Italian Pre-trained Models
Vítek Suchomel: Text processing in Linux – hands on example


David Porteš: Discussion about Research Tools


Katarína Hudcovicová: Propaganda detection
Ondřej Sotolář: Explainability Tools – link to presentation


Hien Thi Ha: Information extraction from scanned documents


Edoardo Signoroni: Overview of Low-Resource Machine Translation


Michal Měchura: Issues and challenges when encoding dictionaries on computers


Marek Medveď: Full AQA pipeline
Krištof Anetta: Medical text content understanding


Hien Thi Ha: Information extraction from scanned documents


Ondřej Metelka: Automatic morphological paradigm construction
Radoslav Sabol: Optimizing the Inference of Neural Transformer Models
Veronika Andrlová: Training a Czech Discussion Robot


Tomáš Houfek: Czech Medical Language Model and Document Classification
Petr Zelina: Medical Data Processing


Michaela Denisová: Cross-lingual embedding models
Ondřej Sotolář: Conference report: AISTATS, EACL

Seminar programme in the autumn semester 2022

date programme


seminar programme for this semester
Aleš Horák: RASLAN 2022 Call for Papers


Vítek Novotný, Martin Geletka, Marek Toma, Petr Sojka: Report from CLEF 2022
Marek Medveď: SQAD+AQA


Ondřej Sotolář: Psychological phenomena in dialogues
Aleš Horák: Contract research with Azure Language Studio


Petr Zelina: Patient similarity


Tereza Vrabcová: Machine translation of the FI MU website


Vítek Novotný: AHISTO NER


Edoardo Signoroni: High-frequency tokenizer
Dominik Tuchyňa: TBA


Katarína Hudcovicová: Propaganda detection


Ondřej Metelka: Automatic morphological paradigm construction
Radoslav Sabol: Propaganda Detection with Stylometry


Ota Mikušek: Lingua - language detection tool and language detection in historical texts
Veronika Andrlová: TBA


Yevhenii Karpizenkov: Processing of legal texts
Samuel Wittlinger: Speaker identification
Krištof Anetta: Health records analysis
Mauro Le Donne: Word Blendings in Italian


David Porteš: Multilingual neural representations
Michaela Denisová: Cross-lingual embedding models
Veronika Andrlová: Training a Czech Discussion Robot
Dominik Tuchyňa: Source Code Processing

You may also look at the seminar programme in preceding semesters.