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Our language tools

Try some of our language tools:

  • SKeLL
    • Language learning tools
  • CZ accent
    • a tool for adding diacritics into texts
  • X-Plain
    • the Activity game with a computer
  • 20 questions
    • a game - computer will guess what animal you are thinking about
  • Guess that word!
    • a game - you will guess a word which is described by many similar words
  • Synt and SET
    • syntactic analyzers - tools for parsing the structure of sentences

Some other (rather technical) tools:

  • jusText
    • a tool for removing boilerplate from web pages
  • Onion
    • a tool for removing duplicate text parts
  • Chared
    • a tool for detecting text encoding
  • Gensim
    • a framework for extracting semantic topics from documents