PA026 Artificial intelligence project - spring 2023

PA026 is related to the course PB016 Artificial intelligence I. The topic choice and the programming language used is not limited in any way, it is up to the student choice. The course is given in English. Presentations and project documentation can be in English, Czech or Slovak.
Thu 14:00-15:50
During the semester, the student will: The colloquium is passed after the successful completion of this procedure.
Joint presentations will take place on the following dates. For each date the expected stage of project development and the content of the presentation is described. Even if there are delays in implementation, please prepare a presentation on the date, showing the current status and specifying both the reasons of the delay and a description of how you will address them. If working in a group, only one student gives the presentation and describes the details of the work division.

Upload the presentations before the specified deadline to the appropriate homework vault/odevzdávárna. Along with the last presentation, upload an archive with the completed project and documentation. Presentations and project documentation can be in English, Czech or Slovak.

The completed project can also be submitted (uploaded to the 4th presentation folder) later. After the submission, send an e-mail with the information to the lecturer and count on 1-2 weeks for requesting feedback or evaluation.

Examples of past projects

Selected projects from previous years: