Project Topics for Karel Pepper

The following list presents ideas to be developed with Karel Pepper, the robot.
See also particular projects from the ProgrammingRobotsCourse

List of topics

  1. Domain-oriented dialog
  2. Task-oriented activity
  3. Interactive game
  4. Improving robots moving capabilities
  5. Activity analyzer
  6. Broadening the concept lexicon
  7. Simulation Environments for Pepper

Domain-oriented dialog

The most common application, which broadens the communication skills of Karel Pepper, is a domain-oriented or task-oriented dialog. An example may be a discussion with Pepper about particular data from public transport (departures, time tables, car locations, ...) obtained via on-line API.

See also dialog_translations_czc for translating the English dialogs in Pepper.

Task-oriented activity

The robot is capable of moving to a specified location, analyzing its camera views, looking for people or objects, grasping light objects with a hand etc.

Interactive game

Robot can play various games, either word games or games interacting via its tablet.

Improving robots moving capabilities

Pepper robots have quite broad set of capabilities related to moving, but only prototype tools exist for e.g. walking with the robot or the robot following a person.

Activity analyzer

Within the process of increasing the number of Karel's applications, a reporting tool is needed which would aggregate and organize information about the robot's daily life.

Broadening the concept lexicon

The robot dialogs share common concepts which are advantageously shared within a lexicon. The Czech lexicon can be partly generated from various resources with manual adding of useful phrases.

Simulation Environments for Pepper

There are various software simulation environments that support Pepper - the original Choregraphe tool by Softbank, qiBullet, MORSE, or Gazebo. The task is to test them and choose the best one for running Pepper simulations without the robot.

See also a paper about open simulation environment for Pepper.

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