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Grant projects

A research has been partially supported by the Czech Ministry of Education under these grants: (We apologize, but most reports are in czech only.)

  •  BalkaNet - Design and Development of a Multilingual Balkan WordNet
    • Members: University of Patras, Compute Technology Institut, University Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Academia Romana, Bulgarian Academy of Science, Sabanci University, Masaryk University, Memodata, University of Plovdiv, University of Athens
    • Main solver from FI: doc. PhDr. Karel Pala Csc. (pala@fi.muni.cz)
    • Provider: Commision of the European Communities
    • Date of Duration: 36 months
    • Comment: sumary of the project is available at the address: http://www.ceid.upatras.gr/Balkanet/
  • 405/96/K214 - Czech Language in the Age of Computers