Pepper Workshop

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  1. Introduction
  2. Pepper API I
  3. Pepper API II
  4. How to get info from web
  • DAY 1
  • Presentation of the robot (hardware part)
    • Sensors and actuators
    • Hardware architecture
    • Sensors, emotion detection, object and face recognition, obstacle detection
    • Network connection and settings (WiFI and wired)
  • Tools and software to program Pepper robot (Python and Choregraphe)
    • Introduction and installation of the software suite: Choregraphe, Python, IDE and NAOqi, web interface, documentation and user interface
    • Applications, behaviors and Autonomous Life
    • Pepper connection and use of the web interface
    • Robot and software update
    • Flow diagram, 3D view, rigidity and behavior manager
    • Start/stop an application
  • Main features of the Pepper robot
    • Aldebaran box library (move, talk, hear, see) and creation of new “boxes”, inputs & outputs
    • Movement creation and editing using a chronology that records motor movements
    • Use of Pepper features: image processing, text-to-speech, voice recognition and intertial navigation
    • Creation of new “boxes” and addition to the Aldabaran box library
  • Architecture and application templates
    • Creating modules/services in Python - theory and practice
    • Using the Qicli tool
    • Communication between services
  • Memory, events and signals
    • Robot memory and signal management (almemory, signals…)
  • DAY 2
  • Dialogue and qichat
    • Communicate, dialogue with the Pepper robot
    • Dialogue and human-robot interaction (qichat, topics, proposals)
    • Discovering qichat syntax, creating rules - theory and practice
    • Basic channel, collaborative dialogue
  • Tablet and qimessaging
    • Hardware presentation, connection to the tablet
    • Displaying a web page, image or video on the tablet
    • Presentation and use of the Javascript qimessaging library
    • Debugging and development tools
    • Synchronization of the tablet with the Pepper robot behavior
  • DAY 3
  • Animation of the Pepper robot
    • Dance, movement, navigation
    • Create an animation with the TImeline Editor
  • Sound and animation libraries
    • Introduction to Softbank Robotics resources
    • Animation, sound and animation library
  • Good debugging practices
    • Robotic Practical Work: service development (module)
    • Creating an app package
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