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PV277 Programming Applications for Social Robots

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accounts and Choregraphe

  • you may install Choregraphe and other Softbank development tools according to our installation instructions.
  • Choregraphe introduction
  • Create first project in Choregraphe:
    • add Czech to project Properties
    • build program from: Set Language, Say, Dialog, Say (1), Say (2)

    • add Czech to Dialog (double click the Dialog box)
    • edit dialog file ExampleDialog/
      topic: ~ExampleDialog()
      language: czc
      u:(ano) $answer_yes=1
      u:(ne) $answer_no=1
    • add/change Dialog box outputs to answer_yes and answer_no, connect them to the Say boxes (use Edit box with right click)
    • Save the project

virtual robot

  • Edit -> Preferences -> Virtual Robot -> Pepper Y20 (V16)
  • Connection -> Connect to virtual robot
  • virtual robot does not have speech recognition - input must be entered manually in Dialog window - View -> Dialog
  • Run the project
    during execution write the answers in the Dialog

real robot

  • Save your project
  • copy the project directory /home/<login>/pepper/01intro to
  • if launching on real robot produces error behavior_1: permission violation(s): canRunOnPod then behavior.xar needs a permission (in Inspector on the right) of Behavior can be run on charging station (<permissions><canRunOnPod/></permissions> in manifest.xml).

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