May 5, 2016:

11:42 PM Ticket #44 (punctuation detection and correction) created by xkovar3
recent development: - punct. grammar improved by Machura - good …
11:19 PM Ticket #43 (Dělení titulků) created by xkovar3
vyzkoušet na datech z Liberce === tak jsem se konečně dokopal k těm …

May 4, 2016:

3:22 PM cs/LaboratorniSeminar edited by xsmerk

May 3, 2016:

4:44 PM cs/LaboratorniSeminar edited by xsvobo15
moje filipika jeden týden a téma druhý týden (diff)

Apr 28, 2016:

2:22 PM cs/LaboratorniSeminar edited by Ales Horak

Apr 26, 2016:

2:31 PM cs/NlpNeniDokonale edited by xsuchom2
Guesser (diff)

Apr 25, 2016:

4:50 PM Ticket #42 (error in parsing numbers in SET) created by xkovar3
reported by Michal Rott: Koukam, ze slovo "let" ve spojeni s cislem …
1:34 PM Ticket #41 (pipeline and web demo of SET for English and Slovak) created by xkovar3
desamb pre slovenčinu sa mi podarilo rozbehať tu …

Apr 21, 2016:

6:21 PM Ticket #40 (SET can use phrasal tokens in rules directly) created by xkovar3
6:20 PM Ticket #39 (Rewrite EFa) created by xkovar3
so that I can manage it the semantic classification should conform to …
5:41 PM Ticket #38 (paper in Nature) created by xkovar3
with Pary Is the P vs NP an important question? Introduction - …
5:34 PM Ticket #37 (Journal paper about bushbank) created by xkovar3
with Marek G. Jimp -- CL?
5:33 PM Ticket #36 (Journal paper about SET) created by xkovar3
Jimp -- NLE or IEEE
2:52 PM en/NlpInMedia edited by x413827
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2:46 PM cs/NlpVTv edited by x413827

Apr 14, 2016:

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Apr 7, 2016:

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12:45 PM cs/CentrumZpracovaniPrirozenehoJazyka edited by Ales Horak
11:56 AM cs/CentrumZpracovaniPrirozenehoJazyka edited by x413827

Apr 5, 2016:

11:54 AM cs/LaboratorniSeminar edited by Ales Horak
nemyslim, ze ten google doc je ke zverejneni :-( (diff)
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