18:13 Changeset [3ae2cba] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
add a simple heursitics to decide on which turn to start navigation after …
11:19 Ticket #91 (spam removed) closed by xkolman2
05:10 Ticket #91 (spam removed) created by anonymous
spam removed


01:01 Changeset [9c7798c] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
fix next turn indicator appearing over wrong turns git-svn-id: …
00:31 Changeset [11f5f60] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
*add the voice and input modules (only voice is currently in usable state) …


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02:52 Ticket #74 (excessively big icon image in desktop shortcut) closed by xkolman2
fixed: fixed in 0.20-4 (the icon was for some reason 490x490 instead of 48x48)
01:09 Changeset [9f622e5] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
disable the delete button for newly created POIs as their database index …
00:46 Changeset [838ca4a] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
fix "position as start/destination" functionality in address routing …
00:32 Changeset [4c68aca] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
update substitution rules for directions git-svn-id: …
00:14 Changeset [25e85fe] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
fix a crash occuring when the options.bin file is inacessible or corrupted …


22:46 Ticket #90 (improve the GPX example tracks) created by xkolman2
* name all example tracks example_something to differentiate them from …
02:36 Ticket #89 (voice navigation: trigger messages based on time remaining to turn) created by xkolman2
* which speed value to use ? * current speed ? * past 20 minutes …
02:33 Ticket #88 (Maemo5@N900: double bug - tiles not stored in MyDocs causing postinst ...) created by xkolman2
* don't chmod the cache/images directory as it should not be used on N900 …


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16:09 Ticket #87 (adjust zoom level automatically depending on speed) created by anonymous
15:48 Changeset [5a9bbb3] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
fix uncomplete shutDown due to nondaemonic threads & unexplicit thread …


20:51 Changeset [5f0ba5f] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
add a gpsd output toggle git-svn-id: …
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23:17 Changeset [bcfc847] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
move tile loading from local sotrage completely to storeTiles make getTile …
02:38 Ticket #86 (list all navigation steps) created by xkolman2
* show all navigation steps in a scrollable list


13:22 DataStorageEN created by xkolman2
13:05 Changeset [6e9e2c7] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
update documentation git-svn-id: …
12:54 Changeset [9524162] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
sync git-svn-id: https://nlp.fi.muni.cz/svn/gps_navigace/trunk@243
03:29 Changeset [5d35bdc] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
fix typo in comments git-svn-id: …
03:28 Changeset [ccbc055] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
restart the hiding counter after returining from menu git-svn-id: …
02:18 Changeset [6d30c69] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
fix main menu buttons being permanently hidden if button hiding is set to …
01:44 Changeset [2c8bba1] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
make sure text in the entry box is visible (this should fix the issues …


00:30 Changeset [d70b697] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
add separate tile loading and downloading worker threads remove everything …
00:26 Changeset [904675a] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
fix wrong speed being disaplayed on recent SHR@Neo FreeRunner? (FSO-gpsd …


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13:07 Ticket #85 (SPAM removed) closed by xkolman2
06:36 Ticket #85 (SPAM removed) created by anonymous
SPAM removed


13:25 Ticket #84 (SPAM REMOVED) closed by xkolman2
09:01 Ticket #84 (SPAM REMOVED) created by anonymous
05:37 Ticket #83 (SPAM removed) closed by xkolman2


23:50 Ticket #83 (SPAM removed) created by anonymous
SPAM removed
20:20 Ticket #82 (Maemo5@N900: store tracklogs in MyDocs) created by xkolman2
* store tracklogs in a folder in MyDocs? * just "tracklogs" ? or a …
20:13 Ticket #81 (SHR@NEO: wrong speed displayed due to FSO-GPSD) created by xkolman2
* FSO-GPSD report speed in m/s not knots/s * reported speed is therefore …
18:47 profile_2010-12-01-18-20-00_map_dragging_long2.png attached to SystemDownloadEN by xkolman2
18:47 profile_2010-12-01-18-22-20_route.png attached to SystemDownloadEN by xkolman2
02:34 Ticket #80 (jump to map screen on long back-button press) created by xkolman2
* on a long back-button press, jump directly to map screen * useful for …


21:53 SystemDescription edited by xkolman2


22:44 Changeset [8349086] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
show notifications even when mapscreen buttons are hidden dont show …
20:05 Changeset [a19cb41] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
fix directions lookup not respecting language settings git-svn-id: …


15:14 Changeset [106cd67] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
add a new deblanking mode - "while centred" git-svn-id: …
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