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Data storage

This article describes where modRana stores data.

Map data

Map data are by default stored in the modRana directory in cache/images in per layer folders. When using the sqlite database for storing map data, each layer has its own database files (lookup database and 1+ storage databases) stored in its own folder.


The default path for the map data folder on Maemo is /home/user/MyDocs/.maps, bacause MyDocs resides on a 27GB FAT32 partition, which is the largest continuous partition in default Maemo 5 install on the N900.

NOTE: Because of the FAT32 file-system used in MyDocs, you should consider enabling sqlite tile storage (in options->map->tile storage). FAT32 uses very large per-file clusters, which together with map data that consists of thousands of individual tiles causes huge waste of space. Sqlite can store thousands of tiles in a single file and thus avoids this issue.



Configuration files

Persistent setting database

Main configuration file

Map layers configuration file