23:16 Ticket #72 (boat: add weather, moonphase & tide info) created by xkolman2
* might be a separate info screen * a widget * or both * check out if …
23:14 Ticket #71 (Point to Point distance measurement) created by xkolman2
* make it possible to measure Point to Point distance
23:12 Ticket #70 (add support for knots) created by xkolman2
* add support for knots to the units module


22:45 Ticket #36 (voice: improve distance interpretation) closed by xkolman2
22:44 Ticket #65 (don't update average speed while standing) closed by xkolman2
fixed: * DONE
22:43 Ticket #10 (asynchronous online services access) closed by xkolman2
02:57 Changeset [270066b] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
fix the "watch for cliffs" message appearing for empty roads and …
02:48 Changeset [0dd4a09] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
fix some routing issues git-svn-id: …
02:15 Changeset [7a171c8e] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
remove some debugging output git-svn-id: …
02:04 Changeset [a4ba662] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
make online POI search asynchronous update directions filter git-svn-id: …


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20:11 Ticket #69 (POI: sort by distance & search by typing) created by xkolman2
* sort point by distance (alphabetically as default) * search POI by …
04:27 Changeset [102aa48] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
add optional navigation autostart git-svn-id: …
03:58 Changeset [02e3694] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
previous commit actually also added setting urrent position on POI …
02:46 Changeset [cb42f66] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
initial asynchronous route search support more robust notification drawing …


00:27 Ticket #68 (voice directions) created by xkolman2
* voice directions appear to be skipped, if writen in russian alphabet * …


01:39 Ticket #67 (add a boat mode) created by xkolman2
* add a "boat" mode * get a nice boat icon * find what boat/ship …


01:23 Changeset [73fc0e8] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
add distinct coloring to track logging menu remove unnecessary debug …


17:19 Ticket #7 (make log name green when logging) closed by xkolman2
fixed: done
16:11 Ticket #66 (Add more routing messages + improve the routing message box) created by xkolman2
* make the distance describing text BIGGER and RED * maybe a …


11:42 Ticket #65 (don't update average speed while standing) created by xkolman2
* don't update average speed if speed <= 1 meter per second * this …


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23:17 Ticket #64 (map data management tool) created by xkolman2
* a tool for managing map sources and stored map data * tiled maps only …
23:07 Ticket #63 (special mode for batch downloads) created by xkolman2
* enable directly from download menu (as this is context specific) * …
22:56 Ticket #62 (store directions when saving route) created by xkolman2
* store routing messages when a route to tracklog file * store routing …
22:44 Ticket #61 (add tracklog re/naming, deleting) created by xkolman2
* make it possibly to name all tracklogs before storing them * tracklog …
22:35 Ticket #59 (edit the Espeak substitution list from GUI) closed by xkolman2
22:31 Ticket #60 (edit the Espeak substitution list from GUI) created by xkolman2
* make the espeak substitution list in …
22:31 Ticket #59 (edit the Espeak substitution list from GUI) created by xkolman2
* make the espeak substitution list in …
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19:07 Ticket #58 ("burn" tracks to map tiles) created by xkolman2
* burn tracks to map tiles, so that it is rendered only once * no to the …
01:07 Ticket #53 (POI Sound beacon) created by anonymous
* activate from POI -> tools menu * set: * distance * espeak message …


18:18 Ticket #52 (Maemo 5@N900: modRana freezing) created by xkolman2
ModRana freezes, the only solution is to pull the battery. OK, so let's …
18:08 Ticket #25 (SPAM REMOVED) closed by xkolman2
fixed: batch download feature has been rewritten in a more sensible manner and …
18:07 Ticket #44 (add an directions/espeak output substitution list) closed by xkolman2
fixed: implemented there is now data/directions_filter.csv which contains …
00:04 Changeset [f85e7a9] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
remove depreciated options item git-svn-id: …


23:35 Changeset [192305f] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
fix a typo in directions filter git-svn-id: …


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03:29 Changeset [ec26ed5] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
add adding poi from the map git-svn-id: …
01:34 Changeset [d65d46a] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
add clear button to route tools menu git-svn-id: …
01:29 Changeset [e585bdf] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
show route info button for all routes git-svn-id: …
00:41 Changeset [d4b4951] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
add routing from online search results git-svn-id: …


23:46 Changeset [6d94507] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
sync git-svn-id: https://nlp.fi.muni.cz/svn/gps_navigace/trunk@212
22:43 Changeset [deb7311] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
sync git-svn-id: https://nlp.fi.muni.cz/svn/gps_navigace/trunk@211
22:42 Changeset [aab194c] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
new & working listable menu implementation reworked POI functionality …


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