18:18 Ticket #52 (Maemo 5@N900: modRana freezing) created by xkolman2
ModRana freezes, the only solution is to pull the battery. OK, so let's …
18:08 Ticket #25 (SPAM REMOVED) closed by xkolman2
fixed: batch download feature has been rewritten in a more sensible manner and …
18:07 Ticket #44 (add an directions/espeak output substitution list) closed by xkolman2
fixed: implemented there is now data/directions_filter.csv which contains …
00:04 Changeset [f85e7a9] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
remove depreciated options item git-svn-id: …


23:35 Changeset [192305f] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
fix a typo in directions filter git-svn-id: …


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03:29 Changeset [ec26ed5] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
add adding poi from the map git-svn-id: …
01:34 Changeset [d65d46a] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
add clear button to route tools menu git-svn-id: …
01:29 Changeset [e585bdf] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
show route info button for all routes git-svn-id: …
00:41 Changeset [d4b4951] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
add routing from online search results git-svn-id: …


23:46 Changeset [6d94507] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
sync git-svn-id: https://nlp.fi.muni.cz/svn/gps_navigace/trunk@212
22:43 Changeset [deb7311] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
sync git-svn-id: https://nlp.fi.muni.cz/svn/gps_navigace/trunk@211
22:42 Changeset [aab194c] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
new & working listable menu implementation reworked POI functionality …


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17:45 Changeset [20ea28b] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
improve logging - add a (platform dependant) logging folder - make a …


00:30 Changeset [f08599a] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
harden the mapy display function - it should no longer crash the GUI :) …


02:11 Changeset [539f08e] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
a minor batch size estimation fix git-svn-id: …


18:03 Ticket #21 (local search from modRana not working in Australia) closed by xkolman2
18:02 Ticket #51 (use source zoomlevel for batch download while scaled) created by xkolman2
* use the source zoomlevel, not the zoomlevel of the corresponding lower …
17:21 Ticket #50 (add batch import of tiles to db) created by xkolman2
* set source folder * set target layer * with optional removal of tile …
13:54 Ticket #49 (tracklog renaming, route naming) created by xkolman2
make it possible to rename saved tracklogs also, it should be possible to …
13:49 Ticket #48 (add easy jumping to track/route start/destination) created by xkolman2
this should be probably added to the corresponding tools menu
13:46 Ticket #47 (add jump-to-zoomlevel widget) created by xkolman2
add a clickable widget for jumping between zommlevels * show all …
12:25 Changeset [8e9d419] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
documentation update git-svn-id: …


12:15 Changeset [1cf4764] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
fix a rounding issue with imperial units git-svn-id: …
11:37 Changeset [06e5f18] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
add the urllib3 module improve batch download and size estimation by …


23:11 Changeset [85efb4b] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
add the urllib3 module improve batch download and size estimation by …
16:15 Changeset [509928e] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
improve sqlite tile saving - tiles are now saved continuously if the …
15:56 Changeset [fde6225] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
add stdout logging module improve the device module functionality add Neo …
13:47 Changeset [4062e3b] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
remove unnecessary debugging calls (maybe this caused the …


23:35 Changeset [38ac462] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
sync some work in progress git-svn-id: …
23:11 Changeset [40a6032] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
add sqlite tile storage support (to avoid FAT32 cluster issues) …
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