Gear Indicator Dll: Simple OutGauge server for Directx 9 games

Author: Vladimír Kadlec
Email: vladimirkadlec ( a t ) gmail (d o t) com
The source codes are based on the "Proxy-Dll" concept by Michael Koch, see


The Gear Indicator Dll (GIDll) is a "proxy" dll, that allows to send OutGauge packets from any DirectX 9 application. Currently only Richard Burns Rally (RBR) is tested and supported. The client application can be any application, that receives OutGauge packets. I tested only my Gear Indicator (GI), though.
NEW: Shift light is supported, look into gidll_config.txt. Also RPM, speed, engine temperature and turbo values are filled correctly in the OutGauge packet (not useful for GI, but maybe for other apps). The original turbo value from RBR is divided by 100,000, which corresponds Pascal to BAR conversion. I have no idea, if it's correct, the value varies approximately from 1.1 to 2.1.


Extract to your RBR folder. Set the same IP address and port in gidll_config.txt in the RBR folder and GI's (or other app's) config.txt. Your RBR must be patched to the version 1.02.


Run the client application (e.g. GI.exe) before RBR. See Gear Indicator page for details.

Known problems

Currently reporting the gear number, shift light, rpm, speed, engine temperature and turbo values are supported only. It's incompatible with another d3d9 mods at the moment (e.g. Analogue Gauges mod by Racer_S). I'll support it in the next release.

Startup.exe (RBR settings) doesn't work with this d3d9.dll. If you want to change your RBR settings, remove/rename d3d9.dll from your RBR directory (folder), change settings and move/rename d3d9.dll back.


Binaries -- Windows 9x, XP, 2000, Vista (untested)

If you have comments, feature requests, or you found a bug, don't hesitate to contact me. Have fun :-).