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    8181An action lists is a sequence of an arbitrary number of [wiki:Action actions].
    83 === SET rules ===
     83Rules are divided into three sections marked by corresponding headers:
     85 * {{{::: relative clauses :::}}} -- rules for detecting relative clauses. When a relative clause is found, its tokens are temporarily deleted from the rest of the sentence and the analysis is launched once again. The purpose of this is being able to detect relationships across inserted relative clauses, such as in ''**Ženy**, které se smály, se smát **přestaly**.''
     86 * {{{::: coordinations :::}}} -- rules for detecting coordinations. If two coordinations are found next to each other with one common token, such as in ''cars, **bikes** and motorbikes'', they are both used (under the other two headers, this would be a conflict and only one of the matches would be used) and they are merged together, under the phrasal token of the coordination evaluated as the last one.
     87 * {{{::: dependencies :::}}} -- rules for detecting and marking binary dependency relations. Each rule under this header must use the {{{DEP}}} action, otherwise it will be ignored; and only the first token marked by the action {{{MARK}}} is considered.
     90=== SET default rules ===
    8592For current rules used in the SET system, please refer to the {{{grammar.set}}} definition file in the source package. Each rule is commented by an example of its usage.