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Testing a service with virtual robot

A service can be tested in the virtual robot settings.

  • prepare an app with the service to test - you may start with the examples below or use the templater tool robot-jumpstarter (use a new name for your service):
    ssh aurora
    cd /nlp/projekty/pepper/web/robot-jumpstarter
    python python-service tweety-service TweetyService
    cp -a output/tweety-service ~/pepper/
    Here tweety-service is the directory name of the application (and the app name), TweetyService is the API name of your service as it will be called from Python.
  • copy the directory with the service app (e.g. ~/pepper/tweety-service) to your computer, where you run Choregraphe. All the following steps are done on this computer, not remotely via SSH.
  • start Choregraphe and run the virtual robot
  • find out the port number of your virtual robot: click
    and remember the IP and port from the table:

    Here the virtual robot's address is localhost:34121
  • run your service in the virtual robot (Choregraphe must still be running, of course):
    cd ~/pepper/tweety-service/app
    python scripts/ --qi-url localhost:34121
    The output should look like:
    [I] 1584373059.579170 4749 qimessaging.session: Session listener created on tcp://
    [I] 1584373059.579385 4749 qimessaging.transportserver: TransportServer will listen on: tcp://
    [I] 1584373059.579394 4749 qimessaging.transportserver: TransportServer will listen on: tcp://
  • now you can communicate with your running service in the same way as with all other API services on the real robot:
    • use ^call(TweetyService.get()) in a dialog
    • direct call in a Python Box code:
      def __init__(self):
         self.tweety = ALProxy('TweetyService')
      def onInput_onStart(self):
          self.tts.say("číslo {}".format(self.tweety.get()))
          self.onStopped() #activate the output of the box
    • use the qicli command line tool:
      alias qicli='"/opt/Softbank Robotics/Choregraphe Suite 2.5/bin/qicli" --qi-url localhost:34121'
      qicli info TweetyService
      call TweetyService.get
      call TweetyService.set 2
      call TweetyService.get
      with the output
      099 [TweetyService]
        * Info:
         machine   f883b92e-3a87-44e5-aa70-4a3b78f4d937
         process   4749
         endpoints tcp://
        * Methods:
         100 get   Int8 ()
         101 reset Void ()
         102 set   Void (Int8)
         103 stop  Void ()

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