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IA161 Natural Language Processing in Practice (autumn 2022)

See NlpInPracticeCourse2021 for the previous year.

To be added during the course. Handouts are the slides for printing.
  1. Opinion mining, sentiment analysis (16.9.)
  2. Language modelling (23.9.)
  3. Anaphora resolution (30.9.)
  4. Stylometry (7.10.)
  5. Named Entity Recognition (14.10.)
  6. Machine translation (21.10.)
  7. Topic identification, topic modelling (4.11.)
  8. Parsing of Czech: Between Rules and Stats (11.11.)
  9. Building Language Resources from the Web (18.11.)
  10. Indexing and Searching Very Large Texts (25.11.)
  11. Automatic relation extraction (2.12.)
  12. Extracting structured information from text (9.12.)
Colloquium is passed when at least 75% of results from the practical sessions is uploaded to the appropriate homework vaults (odevzdávárny). Each task is to be uploaded within the one week before the next lecture.

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