Language Technologies For Business

  • automatic machine translation, computer-aided translation
    • for specific domains - description of products, manuals, warranties ...
    • between close languages (Czech, Slovak, Polish, ...)
    • translation memory segmentation
  • knowledge mining, especially from internet text documents
    • information analysis of texts
    • knowledge indexing
    • fuzzy searching ("I look for a mid-size bike")
    • clustering search results on people, institution, places (Named Entities)
    • clustering search results on products and their attributes
  • effective indexing and searching in large data
    • parallel processing
    • continous web crawling
    • information extraction from user behavior
  • intelligent processing of web pages
    • data cleaning, spam detection, plagiarism detection
    • detection of generated content
    • innapropriate discussion posts detection
    • web pages classification
    • keyword extraction
    • text summarization
    • opinion mining
  • error correction
    • spell checkers, grammar checkers, style checkers
    • diacritics restoration
  • language tools
    • lemmatization, stemming
    • parsing, part of speech tagging
    • named entities recognition, abbreviation meaning expansion
    • anaphora and co-reference resolution
    • automatically generated thesauri, synonym dictionaries
    • definition extraction, examples of use

see NLP Centre workshop for detailed presentations and DEMOs

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