Porting modRana to Tizen

Tizen base should contain Python, so this main modRana dependency should be already available. As for a GUI library, Qt seems to be probably the best bet. Tizen also uses EFL, which has some Python bindings, but would require a new GUI module.



Compiling Qt for Tizen

There is a walktrough for building Qt on Tizen from THP:

Here's a small HOWTO for building Qt 4.8.1 in Scratchbox2 ("SBS") and copying the files over to your device for testing. Be aware that this does not include any source code changes, so the build might still need lots of work (and porting) for it to become fully usable. It's just a simple cross-compile in Scratchbox and copying the files over - no rocket science, but apparently not too obvious either ;)

  1. Install SBS:
  2. Install the Tizen SDK: (alternatively, get "sdb" through some other means)
  3. Get the Qt sources:
  4. Unpack the sources somewhere:
    tar xzvf qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.1.tar.gz
  5. Run:
    sbs -e

and then run

./configure -opensource -confirm-license

inside the extracted folder

  1. Run:
  2. Run:
    mkdir tmp && INSTALL_ROOT=$(pwd)/tmp/ make install
  3. Pack up everything:
    cd tmp && tar czvf ../qt_tizen.tgz *
  4. Copy it to the device:
    sdb push ../qt_tizen.tgz /root/
  5. Get a shell and extract it:
    sdb shell && tar xzvf /root/qt_tizen.tgz -C /

After that, you should be able to run it using



Qt Components

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