Generating turn-by-turn directions

Turn type

The turn type depends mostly on the turn angle.

turn angle ranges and message are currently based on values from the Monav permaroute branch.

8° < angle <= 45°

Turn slightly left

45° < angle <= 135°

Turn left

135° < angle <= 172°

Turn sharply left

172° < angle <= 188°

Make a U-turn

188° < angle <= 225°

Turn sharply right

225° < angle <= 315°

Turn right

315° < angle <= 352°

Turn slightly right

352° < angle <= 8°

Head straightforward


Take the 1st exit

Take the 2nd exit

Take the 3rd exit


Take the N-th exit


Leave the motorway

Leave the trunk

Take the ramp to the trunk


Compiling without GUI

To compile the Monav routing daemon, run this:

qmake CONFIG+=release DEFINES+=NOGUI && make

NOTE: The Monav compile guide is wrong as it uses the correct syntax is NOGUI not nogui. If nogui is used, the option does nothing and Monav still tries to compile the GUI components.

Routing data

Data from have a combined size of about 45 GB and are slightly outdated (April 2011).

Monav has its own map data repository - might be a good idea to ask them for their map generation script.

Compiling the Monav preprocessor

Compiling the current repository master branch is problematic due to some weird Mapnik dependencies.


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