Alarm lists


I asked myself a couple questions:

  • do the alarms need to be bound to POI after all ?
  • how to easily add an alarm without making a POI ?
  • how to make it easy for users to add many alarms at once (eq. with a script that generates them from a list of speed-limits/whatever) ?

Result: Plain-text alarm lists !

The alarms would be just stored in one or more plain-text files, one alarm per row with CSV notation.

Row notation might look like this:

51.178844,-1.826189;230;200;1;Stonehenge;Watch for the stones !


lat - latitude in decimal format
lon - longitude in decimal format
distance - trigger distance
enabled - 1 = enabled, 0 = disabled
name - displayed name
alert - any string other than BEEP or SAY would go directly to text-to-speech, BEEP triggers some default alarm sound, SAY: says whats after the colon (so you can SAY:BEEP :D)

What about elevation ?

If you don't want the alarm to take the elevation into account - just don't fill it in. :)


51.178844,-1.826189;;200;1;Stonehenge;Watch for the stones !

How to add new alarms ?

There would be two ways: editing the alarm lists from the outside (just create a valid list and modRana will be able to use it) or interactively inside modRana (create new lists, add alarms from map/poi/coordinates, enabled/disable alarms, activate/deactivate alarm lists).

Implementation progress

Not yet started. :)

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