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    4242Congratulations, you have just successfully activated turn-by-turn navigation in modRana!
    44 == Notes==
     44== Notes ==
    4545=== How to use turn-by-turn navigation in modRana ===
    4646Blue line marks the route, yellow points mark turns. Small red circle marks the next turn, current routing message also always relates to next turn. You have to "reach" the red circled point, so that navigation can switch to the following turn. "Reaching" a point means reaching a given minimal distance from this point, this distance is ''by default'' set to '''30 m''' and can be configured in '''options->navigation->point reached distance'''.
    5151Rerouting is currently a bit problematic during fast movement, as there is slight delay between requesting and getting a track. It is therefore possible that when modRana finally get the track, you are already outside of the "reach" distance of the first point. A fix for this (based on the direction of travel and interpolated closest point is currently in planning stages).
    52 === Jak funguje hlasová navigace ===
    53 Hlasová navigace funguje pro každý bod ve dvou krocích.
    54 Nejdříve je vyslovena zpráva ve tvaru "ve vzdálenost" + "udělejte X", po přiblížení se na "dsahovací vzdálenost" jen vysloveno jen "udělejte X".
    55 V současnosti je použit anglický hlas, což dělá problémy s výslovností u neanglických místních jmen. V lánu je použití českých pokynů, které by pak mohly být celé čteny českým hlasem.
     52=== Voice navigation ===
     53Voice navigation activates twice for each point.
     54First, there is "heads up" message "in X km/miles" + "do Y" some distance before the turn and then a second "do Y" message after reaching the "reach" distance.
     55There is currently only the english intonation used, which can be problematic for non-English local names. Using local version of routing directions is planed and should eliminate this issue.
    57 === Jak vypnout navigaci krok za krokem ===
    58 Pro deaktivaci navigace krok za krokem:
     57=== How to deactivate turn-by-turn navigation ===
    5959'''current route->tools->stop navigation'''