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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#8 show whole world on the screen new defect minor gps
#15 after a big tile download modRana GUI crashes new defect major gps
#35 widget system overhaul new defect major gps
#37 voice: messages with empty distance string new defect minor gps
#51 use source zoomlevel for batch download while scaled new defect major gps
#52 Maemo 5@N900: modRana freezing new defect critical gps
#68 voice directions new defect major gps
#81 SHR@NEO: wrong speed displayed due to FSO-GPSD new defect major gps
#101 tile loding/download: Loading tiles stuck after switching network access rules new defect minor gps
#131 gpx file rendered with garbled edges new defect major gps
#139 Pressing pause when logging does not stop the time new defect minor gps
#159 log every / save every discrepancy after restart new defect major gps
#161 log a track logging state is not restored after restart new defect major gps
#162 Walk mode should have higher "log every" default new defect major gps
#164 "Route Remaining Length" widget labled incorrectly (imperial units) new defect minor gps
#166 Show on Map for Add new POI does not work assigned defect minor gps
#176 QML UI: center the loading Loading... label, remove Ready label new defect minor gps
#178 GTK UI: on map logging trace broken new defect minor gps
#180 QML UI@N900: interface glitched outside of fullscreen new defect major gps
#183 QML GUI: remember last used zoom new defect major gps
#184 QML GUI: set fallback location to Brno as in GTK UI new defect major gps
#191 Handle ampersand in POI name new defect major gps
#192 Load POI detail module when POIs from last time are restored new defect major gps
#195 average speed calculation wrong new defect major gps
#204 notifications sent during startup are not displayed new defect minor gps
#207 P2P Route : missing trace from start and destination marker new defect minor gps
#219 white screen from POIDetail submenu new defect major gps
#221 GTK UI: Black map screen after clicking on POI and returning back new defect major gps
#223 Modrana - Map Batch Download Fail new defect critical milestone1 gps
#2 overhaul the POI menu new enhancement major gps
#4 give more info when saving options fails assigned enhancement minor gps
#11 retimestamp a gpx file from the master timestamp new enhancement minor gps
#12 add info menu assigned enhancement major gps
#14 add clories/fuel estimation function new enhancement minor gps
#17 send position by sms new enhancement minor gps
#18 add social network iteraction new enhancement minor gps
#19 clikable tracklogs new enhancement minor gps
#20 quick POI adding assigned enhancement minor gps
#29 automatic rerouting new enhancement major gps
#30 N900: add direct calling of local search result numbers new enhancement major gps
#31 draw a custom route new enhancement minor gps
#32 add support for offline routing new enhancement trivial gps
#33 substitute wrong terms in routing service output assigned enhancement major gps
#34 add quick search widget new enhancement minor gps
#38 add "button pressed" feedback new enhancement major gps
#39 "pixel zooming" - like in tangogps assigned enhancement minor gps
#47 add jump-to-zoomlevel widget new enhancement minor gps
#48 add easy jumping to track/route start/destination new enhancement major gps
#49 tracklog renaming, route naming new enhancement major gps
#50 add batch import of tiles to db new enhancement minor gps
#53 POI Sound beacon assigned enhancement minor gps
#58 "burn" tracks to map tiles new enhancement minor gps
#60 edit the Espeak substitution list from GUI new enhancement minor gps
#61 add tracklog re/naming, deleting new enhancement major gps
#62 store directions when saving route new enhancement minor gps
#63 special mode for batch downloads new enhancement minor gps
#64 map data management tool new enhancement minor milestone2 gps
#66 Add more routing messages + improve the routing message box new enhancement major gps
#67 add a boat mode new enhancement major gps
#69 POI: sort by distance & search by typing new enhancement major gps
#70 add support for knots new enhancement minor gps
#71 Point to Point distance measurement new enhancement minor gps
#72 boat: add weather, moonphase & tide info new enhancement minor gps
#73 free navigation (arrow + distance to a given POI/coordinates) new enhancement minor gps
#76 export POI as a GPX file new enhancement minor gps
#77 Maemo@N900+possibly other: remember and restore internet connection state new enhancement minor gps
#78 Maemo@N900: switch between turns with the volume rocker new enhancement major gps
#79 ask to enable GPS new enhancement minor gps
#86 list all navigation steps new enhancement minor gps
#87 adjust zoom level automatically depending on speed assigned enhancement major gps
#90 improve the GPX example tracks new enhancement minor gps
#93 UI: only show "route" button when applicable new enhancement minor gps
#94 Routing: add support for waypoints new enhancement major gps
#95 Routing: make start/destination indicators dragable new enhancement minor gps
#96 anchor alarm new enhancement minor gps
#98 batch download: add download visible mode new enhancement minor gps
#99 batch download: around view -> around point + imporvements new enhancement minor gps
#113 Add optional GPS shutdown timeout new enhancement minor gps
#114 Add an easy way of manually setting current position new enhancement minor gps
#115 Add more features for working with POI new enhancement major gps
#116 show onscreen menu/widget when track logging is in progress new enhancement minor gps
#128 shop screen edge arrows to offscreen POIxserach results new enhancement minor gps
#129 show ISS and other orbiting satellites on the map new enhancement trivial gps
#130 SHR@Neo automatic GPS start/stop new enhancement minor gps
#134 Show whole tracklog on map new enhancement minor gps
#135 cancel download of no longer visible tiles new enhancement minor milestone2 gps
#136 combine close turns to one message assigned enhancement minor gps
#137 EV charging stations new enhancement major gps
#141 Better readable and configurable scale indicator new enhancement minor gps
#143 make routing box position configurable new enhancement major gps
#145 weather info integration new enhancement major gps
#146 barometer support new enhancement major gps
#149 better voice navigation messages new enhancement major gps
#151 smart tile preloading new enhancement minor gps
#152 TBT Navigation - move position indicator location to show maximum of the route ahead on the screen new enhancement minor gps
#153 batch download tiles around current route new enhancement major gps
#154 modrana remote data client/server new enhancement minor gps
#155 download upper zoom levels first during batch download new enhancement minor gps
#156 tile update new enhancement major gps
#160 quit confirmation dialog new enhancement major gps
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