17:25 Ticket #175 (GTK UI: batch download & size estimation = unreadable text) created by xkolman2
* when both batch download an size estimation are running at once, text in …
17:20 Ticket #174 (GTK UI@N900: backlight does not stay on) created by xkolman2
* even when screen blanking is disabled in options, the screen won't stay …
17:12 Ticket #173 (GTK UI: poin-to-point routing is broken) created by xkolman2
* it is not possible to select the start or destination form the GUI
17:06 Ticket #172 (GTK UI: address & wikipedia result lists won't scroll after returning from ...) created by xkolman2
* after clicking on a result on map and clicking on back from the result …
01:31 Ticket #88 (Maemo5@N900: double bug - tiles not stored in MyDocs causing postinst ...) closed by xkolman2
fixed: tiles have been stored in /home/user/MyDocs/.maps for a while now and no …
01:29 Ticket #140 (libmagic1 broken package) closed by xkolman2
fixed: since V0.30 libmagic is no longer a dependency, rendering this issue moot. …
01:26 Ticket #158 (Cycle map broken) closed by xkolman2
fixed: Fixed in V0.30. :)


15:38 Ticket #171 (QML UI: Zoomable text fields) created by xkolman2
* enable pinch-to-zoom in longer text fields


23:59 Ticket #170 (QML UI: Map layer gallery) created by xkolman2
* first just do a simple dialog for map layer selection DONE * do a …


02:08 Ticket #169 (QML UI: pinch gesture in icon grid) created by xkolman2
* using the pinch gesture in the icon grid changes number of icons visible …


21:15 Ticket #168 (QML UI: improve point display) created by xkolman2
NOTE: this might apply to saved POI and transient points from (online) …
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