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Extracting structured information from text

IA161 Advanced NLP Course, Course Guarantee: Aleš Horák

Prepared by: Vojtěch Kovář

TODO til 31.5.2015

  1. choose particular papers for References below (that will serve as input for the lecture later on)
  2. prepare the Practical Session

State of the Art


  1. Cunningham, Hamish. An Introduction to Information Extraction. Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics, 2nd Edition. Elsevier, 2005.
  2. Chang, Chia-Hui, et al.A Survey of Web Information Extraction Systems. Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Transactions on 18.10 (2006).
  3. Banko, Michele, et al. Open information extraction for the web. IJCAI. Vol. 7. 2007.
  4. Fader, Anthony, Soderland, Stephen and Etzioni, Oren. Identifying relations for open information extraction. In Proceedings of the Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP '11). Association for Computational Linguistics, Stroudsburg, PA, USA, 2011.

Practical Session

Concrete description of work assignment for students for the second one-hour part of the lecture. The work will consist of tasks connected with practical implementations of algorithms connected with the current topic (probably not the state-of-the-art algorithms mentioned in the first part) and with real data. Students can test the algorithms, evaluate them and possibly try some short adaptations for various subtasks.

Students can also be required to generate some results of their work and hand them in to prove completing the tasks.

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