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    2626== Practical Session ==
    2728There will be a short overview of [[|LanguageTool]] - Style and Grammar checker. Students can test the language correction algorithm and evaluate it on real data. After they become acquainted with how a spelling corrector works, we will write a simple spelling corrector in Python. The spelling corrector will be trained on a large text file compiled from [[|Project Gutenberg]]. The example will be based on Peter Norvig's [[|Spelling Corrector]] in python. If the student finishes early the additional task is to enhance the spelling corrector's functionality.
    29301. Download prepared script  [[|]] and training data collection  [[|big.txt]].
    30 1. Run
     311. Test the script {{{ python ./ }}} in your working directory.
     321. Open it in your favourite editor and we will walk through its functionality.
     35=== Task ===
     371. Create `<YOUR_FILE>`, a text file named ia161-UCO-14.txt where UCO is your university ID.
     392. Run `` with developement and final test sets (test1 and test2), write the results in `<YOUR_FILE>`.
     413. Explain the given results in few words and write it in `<YOUR_FILE>`.
     434. Modify the code of `` to increase accuraccy by 10 %. Write your new accuracy results to `<YOUR_FILE>`.
     455. Run the script with `verbose=True` and examine given results. Try to suggest at least one adjustment how to enhance spellchecker's accuracy. Write your suggestions to `<YOUR_FILE>`.
     47-Bonus question- How could you make the implementation faster without changing the results? Write your suggestions to `<YOUR_FILE>`.
     50=== Upload `<YOUR_FILE>` and edited `` ===
     52Do not forget to upload your resulting files to the [ homework vault (odevzdávárna)].