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Project Topics

  1. Robot movement: (Vojtěch Kubín) Program robot to walk with human by hand.
  2. Dialog about gender and face recognition: see ALFaceCharacteristics API, ALVoiceEmotionAnalysis and ALMood
  3. Dialog about learning human faces: see ALFaceDetection and ALUserSession
  4. Dialog about learning object images: see ALVisionRecognition
  5. Dialog about current news: fetch news headlines from internet (possibly via an API, e.g. and discuss them
  6. Game of Hangman/Šibenice (Tomáš Repák)
  7. Dialog about weather: use an on-line weather api (e.g. to find out and discuss weather in various places and times
  8. Game 20 questions: see Wikipedia, in Czech the game of "myslím si zvíře".
  9. Game Guess movie/song by sample: play a short sample of a (Czech) movie or a (Czech) song and ask people to guess the name or interpreter
  10. Dialog about making and presenting a photo/video/sound recording: see ALPhotoCapture, ALVideoRecorder and ALAudioRecorder (may include ALBarcodeReader)