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     1= Our research and industrial partners =
     2Natural Language Processing Centre has been for many years cooperating not only with czech or foreign universities but also with industrial companies. Below, you can find a list of selected partners.
     5=== More information about research and projects are in section [[en/Research|Research >>]] ===
     7=== General information and interesting articles are in section [[en/ForPublic|For public >>]] ===
     9If your company is interested in cooperation with NLP Centre or would like to buy any of our tools, do not hesitate to [[en/Contacts|contact us]].
     11== Our industrial partners ==
     14<!-- !!! POZOR: TATO STRANKA MA SPECIALNE NASTAVENE STYLY AZ VO FINALNOM VYKRESLENI, takze pri pridani noveho partnera skopirujte prvok zoznamu a upravte len potrebne atributy, nic viac!!! -->
     16<ul class="partner-list">
     19<a href="">
     20<img src="/trac/research/attachment/wiki/cs/NasiPartneri/seznam_small.jpg?format=raw" alt="" />
     21<span class="partner-name"><span></span></span>
     26<a href="">
     27<img src="/trac/research/attachment/wiki/cs/NasiPartneri/lexcomp_small.jpg?format=raw" alt="Lexical Computing" />
     28<span class="partner-name"><span>Lexical Computing</span></span>
     33<a href="">
     34<img src="/trac/research/attachment/wiki/cs/NasiPartneri/redhat_small.jpg?format=raw" alt="Red Hat" />
     35<span class="partner-name"><span>Red Hat</span></span>
     40<a href="">
     41<img src="/trac/research/attachment/wiki/cs/NasiPartneri/menier_small.jpg?format=raw" alt="Menier" />
     42<span class="partner-name"><span>Menier</span></span>
     48<div class="clear"></div>
     54== Our research partners ==
     57<ul class="partner-list">
     60<a href="">
     61<img src="/trac/research/attachment/wiki/cs/NasiPartneri/fav_small.jpg?format=raw" alt="FAV ZCU" />
     62<span class="partner-name"><span>FAV ZCU</span></span>
     67<a href="">
     68<img src="/trac/research/attachment/wiki/cs/NasiPartneri/ufal_small.jpg?format=raw" alt="ÚFAL MFF CUNI" />
     69<span class="partner-name"><span>ÚFAL MFF CUNI</span></span>
     74<a href="">
     75<img src="/trac/research/attachment/wiki/cs/NasiPartneri/vsb_small.jpg?format=raw" alt="VŠB Ostrava" />
     76<span class="partner-name"><span>VŠB Ostrava</span></span>
     81<a href="">
     82<img src="/trac/research/attachment/wiki/cs/NasiPartneri/vse_small.jpg?format=raw" alt="VŠE v Praze" />
     83<span class="partner-name"><span>VŠE v Praze</span></span>
     88<a href="">
     89<img src="/trac/research/attachment/wiki/cs/NasiPartneri/vut_small.jpg?format=raw" alt="VUT v Brně" />
     90<span class="partner-name"><span>VUT v Brně</span></span>
     95<a href="">
     96<img src="/trac/research/attachment/wiki/cs/NasiPartneri/peterburg_small.jpg?format=raw" alt="Saint Peterburg State University" />
     97<span class="partner-name"><span>Saint Peterburg State University</span></span>
     102<a href="">
     103<img src="/trac/research/attachment/wiki/cs/NasiPartneri/poznan_small.jpg?format=raw" alt="Adam Mickiewicz University" />
     104<span class="partner-name"><span>Adam Mickiewicz University</span></span>
     109<a href="">
     110<img src="/trac/research/attachment/wiki/cs/NasiPartneri/wolverhampton_small.jpg?format=raw" alt="University of Wolverhampton" />
     111<span class="partner-name"><span>University of Wolverhampton</span></span>