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Natural Language Processing Seminar


10:00–10:15 Opening

  • Industrial Partnership: From Scientific Vision to Commercial Success (Vashek Matyáš) presentation
  • About Natural Language Processing Centre at FI MU (Karel Pala) presentation

10:15–14:00 Demo session in parallel with presentations

10:15–11:15 Fast and Smart Text Processing: From Words to Sentences and Beyond

  • Word Level Text Analysis (Pavel Šmerk) presentation
  • Processing of Very Large Text Collections (Miloš Jakubíček) presentation
  • Language Resources (Adam Rambousek, Zuzana Nevěřilová) presentation
  • Text Characteristics (Jan Rygl, Aleš Horák), presentation

11:15–12:30 Lunch + Demo session

12:30–13:30 Intelligent Analysis: Structure, Meaning and Sentiment in Text and Translations

13:30–16:00 Individual meetings