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     1= !CardioCube - Conversational AI for cardiovascular patients
     3**Author: Tomasz Jadczyk**, International Clinical Research Center, St. Anne's University Hospital, Brno, Czech Republic[[br]]
     5**Wednesday, February 27, 2019**[[br]]
     6**NLP lab, room B203**[[br]]
     9=== Abstract:
     11!CardioCube is an artificial intelligence-powered, voice-enabled digital
     12assistant for patients.
     14One of the biggest challenge in clinical medicine are unplanned hospital
     15readmissions. This applies especially to cardiovascular disease patients.
     16Around 25% of them get back to hospital within one month of discharge.
     17Recurrent complications and unplanned hospitalizations are devastating for
     18patient’s health and produce overwhelming healthcare costs.
     19Voice-first devices (i.e. Amazon Echo or Google Home) could help to obtain
     20clinical data about disease-specific symptoms (chest pain, shortness of breath,
     21vertigo, headache etc.). This information can be further combined with a
     22hospital database, analyzed using AI techniques and presented to a healthcare
     23provider. Better understanding of patient status at home may help to optimize
     24treatment strategy avoiding medical complications.
     26=== Bio:
     28Tomasz Jadczyk, MD PhD, is Assistant Professor at Medical University of Silesia
     29in Katowice (Poland) and post-doc researcher at International Clinical Research
     30Center in Brno (Czech Republic). Apart from clinical and experimental medicine,
     31he is interested in application of conversational AI to improve everyday
     32clinical practice and support patients. In collaboration with Cedars-Sinai
     33Accelerator (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Dr Jadczyk, as Chief Science Officer,
     34co-develop the !CardioCube, Amazon Alexa-based voice medical platform.