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How to publish my results

If your research in the NLP Centre yields results that can be included in the infrastructure, we encourage you to add them to the Lindat repository.

Adding the result to the infrastructure

When making a deposit into the infrastructure, the recommended information to include is:

  • description: include the related publication + information how to cite it (the citation + the data in Bib(La)TeX format
  • licence: you can use the NLP web service or corpus licence
  • mark the relation to the NLP Centre (include the NLP Centre as the Publisher in the Lindat repository)
  • archive should contain 1) README file including the instructions, brief description and information on how to cite the result (related paper); 2) .bib file of the related publication; 3) optionally, you can add a pdf of the related publication

When developing a new version of your result already included in the repository, update the information there as well (add a new version).

[odkazy na příklady (e.g. czaccent) - naše stránka + link na repozitář]

Webpage on

This section includes information on the recommended content of a webpage of a result published in the repository. It should include:

  • description: a brief introduction and the related publication
  • the tool/service: is it a demo, API, command-line tool, how to use it
  • acknowledgements: related projects, how to cite, link to the repository
  • licence

A practical example can be found at czaccent.

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