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Sketch Engine Lite

Welcome to Sketch Engine Lite, an open-source project combining Manatee and Bonito into a powerful and free corpus management system. Sketch Engine Lite is a limited version of the software empowering the famous Sketch Engine service, a commercial variant offering word sketches, thesaurus, keyword computation, user-friendly corpus creation and many other excellent features.


Manatee is a corpus management tool including corpus building and indexing, fast querying and providing basic statistical measures. It utilitates a fast indexing library called Finlib.


Bonito is a graphical user interface to corpora mantained by Manatee. It is available as a standalone graphical application in Tcl/Tk (version Bonito1, not developed/supported anymore) and web interface in Python (version Bonito2, under constant development).


For getting the software, please navigate to the Downloads section


You are free to use the documentation available for commercial Sketch Engine. Some (possibly outdated) documentation is also available at the former release page


The open-source variants of Manatee and Bonito2 as well as Finlib are provided under the GNU GPL license version 2.


Finlib, Manatee and Bonito2 have been crafted by Pavel Rychlý, starting with his PhD thesis. All the components are still being developed in collaboration with the Sketch Engine development team.

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Try Sketch Engine trial account -- word sketches, thesaurus, keywords, online corpus building and space for your corpora, guaranteed online availability, technical support, ...

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