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    5050* install Apache2 or any other webserver that you will point to Bonito2 CGI scripts
    52 === Installing binary packages
     52==== Installing '''Finlib''' ====
     54You need to install Finlib only in the case that you decide not to download the bundled (statically linked) version of Manatee including Finlib.
     55In this case, you should download finlib-<version>.tar.gz and proceed as follows:
     57* {{{ tar xzvf finlib-<version>.tar.gz; cd finlib-<version> }}}
     58* {{{ ./configure --with-pcre; make }}}
     59* as root, type {{{ make install; ldconfig }}}
     61==== Installing '''Manatee''' ====
     63Download manatee-open-bundled-<version>.tar.gz (including Finlib) or manatee-open-<version>.tar.gz (without Finlib; needs to be installed separately as described above).
     65* {{{ tar xzvf manatee-open-<version>.tar.gz; cd manatee-open-<version> }}}
     66* {{{ ./configure --with-pcre; make }}}
     67* as root, type {{{ make install; ldconfig }}}
     69==== Installing '''Bonito2''' ====
     71Download bonito2-open-<version>.tar.gz and proceed as follows:
     73* {{{ tar xzvf bonito2-open-<version>.tar.gz; cd bonito2-open-<version> }}}
     74* {{{ ./configure; make }}}
     75* as root, type {{{ make install; ./setupbonito2 <CGIPATH> <DATAPATH>}}}  where {{{CGIPATH}}} is the your webserver CGI directory and {{{DATAPATH}}} is a data directory writable by the webserver }}}
     77=== Installing binary packages ===
     79=== Post-installation steps ===
     81Depending on what corpora you have and where they are located you have to edit the file {{{$CGIPATH/run.cgi}}} file (when installing from packages, this file is located in {{{ var/www/bonito2/run.cgi}}}):
     83* the line {{{corplist = ['susanne', 'bnc']}}} contains a list of available corpora
     84* the line {{{corpname = 'bnc'}}} sets the default corpus
     85* the line {{{os.environ['MANATEE_REGISTRY'] = '/corpora/registry'}}} is the path to the directory with corpus configuration files
     87After that, you should start your webserver if it is not running yet (try {{{/etc/init.d/apache2 start}}} or {{{/etc/init.d/httpd start}}}) and you should be able to access Sketch Engine via your regular web browser by typing {{{localhost/bonito}}} into the address bar.