01:13 Ticket #43 (add 12/24h time format toggle) created by xkolman2
00:25 Ticket #42 (clicking menu buttons disables centring) created by xkolman2
* only drag should disable centring, not button presses
00:09 Ticket #41 (Maemo 5@N900: speed incorrect) created by xkolman2
* the speed shown by modRana is incorrect by a ratio of about 1.8


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00:32 Changeset [6185c1a] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
add automatic map rotation when centered (default: OFF) add map scaling …


22:39 Ticket #40 (show version number) created by xkolman2
* show version number somewhere :D * currently, modRana does not know …


02:24 Changeset [0d29285] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
add support for device specific modules (only loaded per device parameter …


02:04 Ticket #39 ("pixel zooming" - like in tangogps) created by xkolman2
* when there are no tiles for a lower zoomlevel, use enlarged tiles from …
01:48 Ticket #38 (add "button pressed" feedback) created by xkolman2
* add some sort of feedback to indicate that a button has been pressed


12:13 Ticket #37 (voice: messages with empty distance string) created by xkolman2
* messages with empty distance string are being spoken: "in <silence> …
12:12 Ticket #36 (voice: improve distance interpretation) created by xkolman2
* instead of "one point twenty six" -> "one kilometer and twenty six …
12:10 Ticket #35 (widget system overhaul) created by xkolman2
* interactive widget configuration * "pluginize" widgets
12:09 Ticket #34 (add quick search widget) created by xkolman2
* add a widget for quick search access from the map screen * access to …
12:03 Ticket #33 (substitute wrong terms in routing service output) created by xkolman2
* peekway -> parkway * St. -> Street * more ?
11:34 Ticket #32 (add support for offline routing) created by xkolman2
* get an off-line routing engine * possible choices: * rip it out of …


23:36 Ticket #31 (draw a custom route) created by xkolman2
* just draw a route on the map as a series of points connected by a line …
23:34 Ticket #30 (N900: add direct calling of local search result numbers) created by xkolman2
* most local search results have (declared) telephone numbers * make them …
23:18 Ticket #29 (automatic rerouting) created by xkolman2
* OPTIONAL * initiate rerouting when current position is outside of a …
23:12 Ticket #22 (local search from modRana not working in Australia) closed by xkolman2
23:12 Ticket #23 (scale ruler not respecting current units settings) closed by xkolman2
fixed: fixed, thanks Rob !
23:11 Ticket #5 (turn-by-turn navigation) closed by xkolman2


09:20 Changeset [8b28b4a] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
fix espeak speach overlap git-svn-id: …
01:19 Changeset [8405bdf0] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
remove debug info routing code cleanup git-svn-id: …


12:06 Changeset [b1e3cee] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
remove debug info git-svn-id: …
01:14 Changeset [9b1abe7] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
add special tiles -> "downaloaging" tile + two error tiles add custom …


18:53 Changeset [4c8ce8d] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
make the range of "point reached" distances wider (add 200,300 and 500 m) …
15:25 Ticket #25 (SPAM REMOVED) created by xkolman2
* batch download becomes unresponsive on large downloads * reported for …


01:42 Changeset [c0ae1c4] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
add info tiles * a "downloading" tile -> when the tile is being …
01:37 Changeset [07f8993] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
add new icons and bitmaps git-svn-id: …


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01:27 Changeset [9a48ffd] by xkolman2 <xkolman2@…>
turn by turn navigation with voice navigation throught espeak units module …
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