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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#208 network mode: only when needed new enhancement minor gps
#204 notifications sent during startup are not displayed new defect minor gps
#213 option: shut down GPS when in standby for X minutes assigned enhancement minor gps
#2 overhaul the POI menu new enhancement major gps
#20 quick POI adding assigned enhancement minor gps
#160 quit confirmation dialog new enhancement major gps
#11 retimestamp a gpx file from the master timestamp new enhancement minor gps
#203 return Point coordiantes in more formats as string new enhancement minor gps
#217 scroll wheel support new enhancement major gps
#17 send position by sms new enhancement minor gps
#128 shop screen edge arrows to offscreen POIxserach results new enhancement minor gps
#129 show ISS and other orbiting satellites on the map new enhancement trivial gps
#116 show onscreen menu/widget when track logging is in progress new enhancement minor gps
#8 show whole world on the screen new defect minor gps
#199 simple position publishing new enhancement minor gps
#151 smart tile preloading new enhancement minor gps
#63 special mode for batch downloads new enhancement minor gps
#62 store directions when saving route new enhancement minor gps
#33 substitute wrong terms in routing service output assigned enhancement major gps
#220 test ticket new task trivial gps
#101 tile loding/download: Loading tiles stuck after switching network access rules new defect minor gps
#156 tile update new enhancement major gps
#49 tracklog renaming, route naming new enhancement major gps
#202 tracklog: if logging is paused, rename "start" to "resume" new enhancement minor gps
#51 use source zoomlevel for batch download while scaled new defect major gps
#214 use zsync to update offline routing data assigned enhancement minor gps
#68 voice directions new defect major gps
#37 voice: messages with empty distance string new defect minor gps
#145 weather info integration new enhancement major gps
#219 white screen from POIDetail submenu new defect major gps
#35 widget system overhaul new defect major gps
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