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#185 QML GUI: automatically zoom in/out when holding a zoom button new enhancement major gps
#190 add map storage path dialog to to GUI new enhancement minor gps
#191 Handle ampersand in POI name new defect major gps
#192 Load POI detail module when POIs from last time are restored new defect major gps
#193 N900: notify users without CSSU when they try to launch the QML GUI new enhancement minor gps
#195 average speed calculation wrong new defect major gps
#196 GTK UI: point2point routing - show feedback if only one point or no points are selected new enhancement minor gps
#199 simple position publishing new enhancement minor gps
#200 Way bounding box new enhancement minor gps
#201 check out Marbles trace drawing algorithm new task minor gps
#202 tracklog: if logging is paused, rename "start" to "resume" new enhancement minor gps
#203 return Point coordiantes in more formats as string new enhancement minor gps
#204 notifications sent during startup are not displayed new defect minor gps
#205 device module : provide default tile storage method new enhancement major gps
#207 P2P Route : missing trace from start and destination marker new defect minor gps
#208 network mode: only when needed new enhancement minor gps
#209 Harmattan: add spash screen new enhancement minor gps
#210 Monav: add option for selecting Monav server path new enhancement minor gps
#211 Monav: more robust monav-server shutdown assigned enhancement minor gps
#212 Farsi (Persian) support for Voice navigation new enhancement minor gps
#213 option: shut down GPS when in standby for X minutes assigned enhancement minor gps
#214 use zsync to update offline routing data assigned enhancement minor gps
#215 CLI: option for redirecting the profile path new enhancement minor gps
#216 GTK GUI: options: support for disabling option buttons new enhancement minor gps
#217 scroll wheel support new enhancement major gps
#218 manual mass POI input new enhancement minor gps
#219 white screen from POIDetail submenu new defect major gps
#220 test ticket new task trivial gps
#221 GTK UI: Black map screen after clicking on POI and returning back new defect major gps
#222 Ignore liblocation "center of the country" info new enhancement major gps
#223 Modrana - Map Batch Download Fail new defect critical milestone1 gps
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