General Information

VisDic is a graphical application for viewing and editing dictionary databases stored in XML format. Most of the program behaviour and the dictionary design can be configured. There are 6 types of view adaptable for each dictionary independently. VisDic was primarily developed for browsing and editing wordnets (databases of meanings), but with respect to universality. You can configure this tool for any type of dictionary - monolingual, translational, thesaurus or just a plain corpora. VisDic allows to work with up to 10 dictionaries at the same time.

The program was developed on Linux systems using GTK libraries and is also cross-compiled to Windows by cygwin compiler. It is available for both Linux and Windows platforms.

The program development is finished now, since we are working on a complete new version -- DEBVisDic. DEBVisDic is available free of charge after registration at

Feel free to ask us about VisDic via e-mail