about QGame

1) What is QGame?

QGame is similar to the famous game of words “I think an animal”. The player has an animal in mind and the other player tries to guess it. The difference is that the artificial intelligence - the computer, website tries to guess particular animal.

2) Can the computer always guess the animal in your mind?

It can´t, but with the number of games the computer will improve.

3) Can the computer read your mind?

Yes and no. The more players will play the game the more intelligent computer will be and the more precisely it determines the objects that you think.

4) How does it work?

It is a little secret. But I can tell you that QGame can process your answers and processing improves the game. This is a kind of artificial intelligence.

5) Is it possible to learn game a new animal?

Yes, it is. If you think for example an exotic animal and QGame doesn´t know it, you can add the animal to the QGame at the end of game.

6) Is the game free?

Yes, the game is completely free.

7) Is the game suitable for children?

Yes, it is. I dare say it is informative. The player discovers all possible and impossible characteristics of animals which he doesn´t know.

8) Can I destroy the game by wrong answers?

Basically I can not. Even though the game behaves as the players learn it. But most players have the same view on specific objects. The numbers of wrong answers would have to be big to prove destroy the game.

9)I am a developer. Can I contribute to the expansion of the game?

Definitely yes! Visit the website for developers.

10) The origin of the game?

The game is a student project at Masaryk University Brno in the Czech Republic.