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Label Decca Label of the United Kingdom
Signature 475 7518 The Originals
Released 2006
Medias 2
Technology ADD
Type CD
Comment In KKA Act 2, Scene 1 <195/17 -- 195/24> is sung ‘Ej, půjdu já, mladušenká, na trh dvě máty‘ istead of ‘Ej, koupím já, mladušenká voňavé dvě máty‘ The sung text is a partial repetition of <195/1 -- 195/8>, has one sillable less and also no meaning. In the booklet Janáček incorrectly named as author of the libretto of KKA
Note language En,Fr,Gr,It
Sleeve note author John Tyrrell,Charles Mackerras
Libretto author Cz,En
JLF catalogue Deryck Viney