DEBII — Dictionary Editor and Browser

DEBDict — general dictionary browser


Currently, DEBDict gives you access to the following dictionaries (all are Czech dictionaries, see dictionaries.bib for citations in the BibTeX format):

Apart from dictionaries, you can use the following resources:

Demo: You can try DEBDict at (username: demo, password: demo). This will show you limited list of dictionaries, for full access send the declaration (as described below).

How to obtain login/password for access to DEBDict resources?

Go to (or in Czech), fill in the form, print it, sign it and send it to the NLP laboratory address (e-mail with attachment is enough). Soon after that you will receive an e-mail with the access data.

How to use DEBDict

Extension for Mozilla Firefox

Run DEBDict using one of this three possibilities:

Tip: You can also create a client icon on the Desktop for easy running of the client.


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