Ontology LEarning Project


Ontology LEarning Project

Natural Language Processing Lab
Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University







OLE (Ontology LEarning) project is aimed at acquisition and processing of knowledge from natural language texts. It is a part of global Semantic Web activity. The research and development related to OLE is conducted in the scope of a Czech Academy of Sciences grant - Intelligent Models, Algorithms, Methods and Tools for the Semantic Web Realisation, which is a project of the Program of the Information Society of the Thematic Program II of the National Research Program of the Czech Republic (project number 1ET100300419).

OLE provides a universal and modular platform for automated ontology acquisition methods, empirical knowledge refinement and uncertain reasoning. It utilises various Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence methods, either existing or newly developed ones. OLE supports English in the current version of implementation, but incorporation of other languages is fairly easy under certain conditions.

The research related to OLE has been acknowledged by international NLP and Semantic Web community at various major events (like LREC 2006 or ESWC 2006 conferences, see the publications section for details). A web interface intended to demonstrate selected OLE libraries is continuously developed at the SOLE (Simple OLE web interface) site. The interface was successfully demonstrated for example as a part of tutorial presented at the EuroMasters in Language and Speech Summer School 2006 event.

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