Morphological analyser of Czech - ajka

(zde je česká verze)



The analyser ajka is a program written in C language and it is a result of my Master's thesis named "Morfologický analyzátor češtiny". It was developed in 1999. This web page contains only basic information about the analyser as well as it's latest version. The analyser is still being developed.


To install the analyser correctly, you should keep in your mind the following facts:

Master's thesis abstract

The thesis focusses on finding an efficient data structure that would be suitable for storing lexical items --- words or stems. A relation between the trie data structure, trees and deterministic finite state machines is discussed and explained. The second part of the thesis contains documentations describing formats of the Czech machine dictionary and the definition file of termination sets and paradigms. The implementation of the morphological analyser and the tool for transformation source text files of these two files into binary files is included as well.

Master's thesis and slides

alib library documentation


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