01:36 Ticket #185 (QML GUI: automatically zoom in/out when holding a zoom button) created by xkolman2
01:34 Ticket #184 (QML GUI: set fallback location to Brno as in GTK UI) created by xkolman2
01:33 Ticket #183 (QML GUI: remember last used zoom) created by xkolman2


17:21 Ticket #182 (QR codes for points/coordinates) created by xkolman2
* using the geo format: […] * as a VCARD […] * …
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02:40 Ticket #181 (QML UI@N9/950: add support for screen blanking control) created by xkolman2
*basically just port some code from the N900 device module


18:35 Ticket #180 (QML UI@N900: interface glitched outside of fullscreen) created by xkolman2
* when not in fullscreen, the interface is incorrectly displayed * like …
18:33 Ticket #179 (QML UI: enable notifications) created by xkolman2
* enable notifications in the QML UI
18:09 Ticket #178 (GTK UI: on map logging trace broken) created by xkolman2
* the on-map trace that is being drawn behind the position indicator …
18:02 Ticket #177 (QML UI: show tile debugging info) created by xkolman2
* for debugging purposes, show metadata printed on tiles * X,Y …
17:58 Ticket #176 (QML UI: center the loading Loading... label, remove Ready label) created by xkolman2
* the loading label should be centered on the tile * the Ready label does …
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