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replace active tracklog index by active tracklog path variable
-> fix the mess resulting from inconsistent indexes
make all modules load the tracklogs throught a method, not directly
-> safer, more transparent

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1<ns0:gpx xmlns:ns0=""><ns0:metadata><ns0:time>2010-07-21T15:53:26+0200</ns0:time><ns0:bounds maxlat="49.2" maxlon="16.616667" minlat="49.2" minlon="16.616667" /></ns0:metadata><ns0:trk><ns0:trkseg><ns0:trkpt lat="49.2" lon="16.616667" /><ns0:trkpt lat="49.2" lon="16.616667" /></ns0:trkseg></ns0:trk></ns0:gpx>
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