Natural Language Processing Centre

The research in Natural Language Processing Centre at the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Brno, is devoted to the following areas:

  1. The issues of synthesis and recognition of spoken language (Czech), dialogue systems. The results are further applied in the development of software tools for handicapped people, esp. visually impaired ones.
  2. Lexical databases with relation to knowledge representation (Czech WordNet and Czech Lexical Database). Tools for viewing and editing dictionaries represented in XML format.

  3. The problems of syntactic and semantic analysis based on Transparent Intensional Logic.
  4. Development of syntactic parsers (partial and general) for Czech and their exploitation as disambiguators.
  5. Improvement and further development of the tools for morphological analysis of Czech, solving the word derivation problems.
  6. Building corpora, tagging and disambiguating corpus text, tools for corpus modification, maintenance, corpus managers and graphical interface for corpora.
  7. Exploring techniques and methods of machine learning for the purpose of disambiguation of corpus data.

Essential educational goal of the NLP Centre. is to offer interesting research opportunities both for pregradual and postgradual students and train them within the new field of language engineering.

What do we work on in the NLP Centre?
What do computers have in common with language? Try some of our language tools.

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