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The Center for Computational Linguistics aims at research and development in computational linguistic on a completely new level based on unique multilevel grammatical analysis of a very large corpus of Czech. The Center successfully integrated research institutions focusing on text and speech processing and has a great impact on the extended field interested in communication between human and computer.

The Center also carries out collaborative theoretical research in the area of Computational Linguistics, especially in the area of interfacing and combining the research in speech recognition and natural language understanding. The founding organizations cooperate closely in order to achieve these goals, using their complementary expertise being developed in other programs and projects. The goal of the Center is to further boost the cooperation of the research in Computational Linguistics in the country, especially when the respective organizations cannot achieve these goals on their own.

The Center for Computational Linguistics pays due attention to both theoretical and application aspects of computational linguistics with special regard to the Czech language, in its written and spoken form, as well as to the mathematical and computational foundations of the methods, algorithms and procedures of natural language processing. The methodology is based on a deep study, comparison and considerate employment of both structural and statistical approaches, including methods of machine learning, having in mind the specific typological properties of Czech as a highly inflected language; in this respect an original methodology was developed and used.

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